Naturopathy, rather than a therapy or a group of them, is an approach to health and disease. Naturopathy sustains that health equals abundant vitality, instead of being just the absence of illness and that this is attained through stimulation of the innate vital force that is suppressed continually by the excesses and deficiencies of our lifestyles. Naturopathy is, therefore, the frame that holds together all healthcare systems, alternative or conventional, when applied to treat the person as a whole (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), in the search of the root cause of illness and not just its external manifestation or symptoms, when focused in prevention rather than cure, when based on the person rather than on the disease and acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual. Among the many naturopathic tools to treat, some of the ones I use on my clients are diet (ayurvedic approach), tissue salts, iridology (to help establish your constitutional strong and weak points), kinesiology (to help find intolerances and balance energy fields), bach flowers (to treat disease at an emotional level), among others.