A warm welcome to Meraki Health Studio. Why is this a studio? Because for a certain time, this is the place where you, the artist, are going to be learning and practising the most important skill there is, the art of restoring your health and building up your energy, creating for yourself a new state of well-being, inner peace and happiness.

As to everything else, the keys to an optimal health lie inside you. I will only help you unlock the answers, choose the tools and teach you how to use them, but you, not I, are the artist.

Why Meraki? This beautiful word is an untranslatable, ancient, Greek word to name something made with love. It´s the love you put in your work, in your actions, in your words and for me, the ultimate factor that makes all the difference, that insufflates spirit into matter and has the power to transform. Here, you will be provided with the loving space where the caterpillar can produce its metamorphosis into the butterfly.